If you don’t love our play-by-play radio announcers, then you clearly have never heard their reactions to an amazing play.  War Eagle.

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat lose tonight and fall 2 games back in the loss column with only 10 games left. Doesn’t look like they can make up the ground to take the first seed. Before tonight I wasn’t sure if the Heat could win the finals, but after watching them tonight I think they still have a really good shot to. They played good team defense and they will only play better in the playoffs. Lebron James just showed he is still the best player in the world and can’t be guarded. They also didnt have Ray Allen tonight.. This team is still deadly and they will only play better in the playoffs. 

This should be a fun next few weeks in the NBA as there is only 10 games left. 

Will they try to make a push and take the first seed? Or will they just rest D. Wade up for the playoffs? 

(Source: outtamylemon)